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Master of Arts in Education



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Gene Henderson

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Nancy Polette


Mainstreaming the gifted third- grader in reading should be accomplished through the implementation of a modified curriculum that meets the child's unique educational and specialized needs. This curriculum should be process and product oriented . Process modifications should include the use of higher levels of thinking, inductive reasoning, reasoning strategies, freedom of choice, and open-endedness . It should include appropriate changes of pacing and a variety of teaching models . The curriculum should result in a product that is based on instruction. This curriculum should be enriched with literature that exhibits fluent, flexible, original, and elaborative writing.

With these criteria as a guideline, this curriculum develops productive thinking, critical thinking, communication skills , and critical reading skills in a sequential format. These skills are based on Houghton Mifflin' s third- grade reading texts , Windchimes and Passports , and are enriched with quality literature . Each unit results in the development of a product that is based on the student's interests . The student is evaluated on his progress toward objectives and the quality of his product for each unit.

To validate this proposal, recent literature in the fields of mainstreaming, gifted education, and children's literature was examined, and a variety of appropriate curricula were studied and evaluated.