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Master of Art



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Patrick Openlander

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Terry Cooper

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Diane Powell


This project developed out of the need for an in-house on-campus graduate and post graduate training program for the non-traditional students of LCIE (Lindenwood College for Individualized Education> in Professional Psychology. The need for a college counseling center to meet those training expectations was established by literature review. Colleges need counseling centers which offer a variety of high quality services and training to students and to the community. Off-campus practicum sites are beset with problems. Graduate students who have the opportunity to involve themselves in training programs at college centers reap the optimum benefits of professionalism and ethics in coordination with their course work, training, scheduling, and supervision.

A survey was developed and given to students to evaluate their off-campus practica experiences and to establish the need at Lindenwood College for a training program and a counseling center. The survey was designed to determine availability of high quality services to students where practicum and internship requirements are administered and properly supervised. As a result of the survey, the project described the following: (1) the services of the proposed Lindenwood College Resource Center, (2) the design of the overall general plan of the graduate and post-graduate training program, and (3) the overview of the grant proposal to fund the Center and provide for the staff salaries.