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Master of Arts -Communication



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Michael Castro

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Charlene Engleking

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Spencer Hurst


Before writing this thesis, the reason I choose for the issue of management and operation of Chinese restaurant is not because so much mass communication was related. It is the idea of the restaurant business how it to be created by using media or people's words of mouth. It is difficult to start a new business in the foreign country. Restaurant business does the same. In the early a late age of immigration, people realized only work hard can made a better life for themselves and their next generation. They started have their own business, created job opportunity even contributed to this community.

With technology has been developed rapidly, internet become the fastest resource reference connection. It is the best media information to search for. In Chinese, we said "A man can know what's happen of the whole world without leaving home."

It is not that kind easy to run a Chinese restaurant in the United States. I have been interview some owners and friends who have been worked in Chinese restaurant. I have learned and realized about how to management and operation Chinese restaurant in the United States.

ln general, management is basic on internal matters, and operation is basic on external matters. Internal management include management rulers, product procession, size of product, quality control and price adjustment. External operation means operation into the public. It includes sales advertisement, market research, mass communication and image of the business. If Chinese restaurant even any kind of business can run under these two theories, it will be success and earn lots of money.