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Master of Business Administration



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Daniel W. Kemper

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Fidelis Manchado

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Laura Bolton


This thesis will focus on factors that would determine the market acceptability of a skin replacement therapy for the treatment of chronic wounds.

Because chronic wounds will probably become much more prevalent as the population ages, the best method to treat these wounds needs to be developed . In just the last couple of decades , the treatment of chronic wounds has been changing as new technologies are introduced into the marketplace.

The main purpose of this thesis is to evaluate some of the various therapies from traditional wound treatment to modern wound therapy to the more advanced therapies that may show some promising results in the next several years. Two of the most promising skin tissue engineered products and their cost effectiveness compared to the gold standard therapies readily available today are examined in detail . Specifically, it is hypothesized that the cost/benefit ratio will not be great enough to insure rapid adoption of skin tissue engineered products for the vast population of patients suffering from chronic wounds.

After reviewing and carefully analyzing t he most relevant clinical studies available to support the efficacy of skin tissue engineered products and comparing these results both clinically and economically to a major clinical study conducted utilizing current best available practices in treating chronic wounds, evidence suggests that the hypothesis is confirmed . Under the current managed care environment , both payers and providers will be unwilling to pay more than three times the cost for skin tissue engineered products for insignificant improvements in healing rates .

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