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Master of Science



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E. Jack Kirk

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Arthur E. Prell

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James W. Swift


An educational institution, called Business XYZ for this study, experienced rising premium costs for workers' compensation insurance that climbed steadily for several years and jumped sharply in 1984 and 1985. In order to keep operating costs down, the administrative officers felt ways must be found to reduce the costs of workers' compensation for this business.

The purpose of this study was to look at the overall situation involving workers' compensation claims and costs at Business XYZ across the period of years the premiums rose so dramatically and to determine causes and solutions to the problem of high workers' compensation costs.

To determine if costs could be reduced . the study examines workers' compensation laws and procedures as well as the experience rating process. The particular records of injuries for Business XYZ from 1980 through 1985 were examined to determine what could be done to reduce costs of medical care and the amount of claims filed. The research was nonexperimental and conclusions were drawn through inference about the relations among the variables found in the business records.

New procedures and programs were initiated during the course of the project. The 1986 incidence of injury fell indicating the changes made were effective for that year.

Recommendations to administration for keeping the number of injuries and costs down concludes the paper .

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