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Master of Business Administration



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Daniel W. Kemper

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Carolyn Scott

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Betty Lemasters


This thesis will focus on the study of change in the work environment, and the impact change has on American corporations and workers. Predictions foretold a changing workplace, workforce, and global economy. As a result, there are specific challenges to corporations, workers, and the country.

Research has attributed the lack of worker training and development to a decline in the importance of training. Most human resources planning in American corporations has played second fiddle to other business decisions; judgments are made and human resources follow. So it becomes necessary to focus more clearly on the American business environment and the individuals who make up this environment.

Over the years some corporate leaders have failed to realize the magnitude of an increasing illiteracy problem and what it can cost the company in low productivity and poor product quality. One thing is certain. There are no clear cut solutions to today's business problems: global competition, productivity and quality, employee and cultural diversity, customer service, and profitability, just to name a few . But, what it takes to deal with complex issues such as these is the capacity to think.

The purpose of the present study is to investigate the possibility that, what has been successful for American corporations and workers in the past may not work in the future. Specifically, the American workforce is ill-prepared to meet the demands of the changing work environment; and therefore, will be unable to move the organization and themselves forward.

To solve this problem a Career Resource Center manual was designed to assist corporations and individuals to cope successfully with workplace changes of the present and the future .

Three professionals were administered a questionnaire to evaluate the manual for the purpose of determining a resource center's implementation and viability within an organization. Data were analyzed by a descriptive analysis.

Results of the study produced considerable evidence to suggest that the Career Resource Center manual is a valuable tool for American business and to conclude that the most important variable in any business today is human performance.

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