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Master of Arts in Education



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Gene Henderson


The major purpose of this curriculum is to develop positive attitudes in nonhandicapped children toward the handicapped. Public schools are mandated by law to include handicapped persons in their educational programs. The introduction explains attitudes of nonhandicapped children toward the handicapped, whether these attitudes can be changed, and how they can be changed.

This curriculum is for third grade and includes l earning about the visually impaired/blind, hearing impaired/deaf, health and physically impaired, learning disabled, mentally retarded, speech impaired, and emotionally and behaviorally disturbed. The media and materials used are books, films, filmstrips, simulated activities, role play , discussions, guest speakers, and field trips . There is a pretest and a posttest that measures self reported attitudes toward the handicapped. There are reference lists for additional ideas and materials. Objectives and activities will enhance a student's understanding and knowledge of the handicapped.

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