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Master of Valuation Sciences

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Richard Rickert

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Elizabeth Blagbrough

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Patricia C. Soucy


The premise upon which this study is based is that German Expressionist art has undergone an expansion in marketability, and aesthetic recognition during the past decade. German Expressionism is defined as an art of protest, an art that expressed its fundamental precepts visually through distortion, brutal images, and the emotive use of color and form.

I chose to use Ludwig Meidner to exemplify the characteristics of the movement. The basic tenets of Expressionism are apparent in both Meidner's visual and literary endeavors. Ten years ago, this artist's name and work were obscure. Today, his art appears in galleries, his name is published in literary references, and he is represented in both private and museum collections.

The objective of this inquiry is to give insight into both the aesthetic and market response of German Expressionism. The information included supports the thesis that there has been a transition in the acceptance of the artistic relevance and economic viability of German Expressionist art during the past decade .