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Master of Arts in Education



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Nancy Polette

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Gene Henderson


A Suggested Personal and Family Care Curriculum for the Vocational Skills Centers of the Special School District of St. Louis County is designed to provide an open entrance-open exit approach to developing skills for coping with specific activities of daily living. It is intended for use with handicapped students of all categories including BD, LD, MR, SH, and orthopedically handicapped and could be used with slow learners in any area. It is a task analyzed curriculum, written with measurable behavioral objectives to facilitate IEP formulation. Areas covered are grooming and hygiene, nutrition, food preparation, first aid, home health, safety, substance abuse, human sexuality, family plan/living, prenatal care and child care. The enabling activities are intended to promote student involvement and many are community based thus giving the students exposure to and interaction with the general population. Also included is a section of suggested resources including pupil workbooks, films and filmstrips plus teachers resources.

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