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Master of Arts in Game Design


Game Design

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Jeremiah Ratican

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Andrew Smith

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Michael Fetters


Despite half a centennial of existence and enticing artistic qualities, conclusive evidence does not exist as to if video games are beneficial to learning or costly. Exploring the notion of benefit versus cost, it is important to identify the value of video games when leveraged as tools for learning as traditional educational methodologies are not infallible. The video game project Alone demonstrates video games can generate psychological responses; therefore, one must conclude learning has occurred. Alone encompasses the following: meaningful interactivity within video games (regarding narrative and gameplay), video games as educational tools, video game development (including design), and potential emotional and psychological effects associated with their use. Through researching viewpoints from multiple disciplines, the potential for video games to impact players in significant ways is analyzed. As new educational mediums become available, they should be embraced if they can benefit learning. Video games having unique potential to other artistic mediums and learning methods is asserted.

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Game Design Commons