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Master of Science



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Michael Castro

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David Dugan

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Jeffrey Harris


This thesis will focus on the study of telemarketing management and the need for a telemarketing management guide. A reference manual will be developed to help a supervisor understand the skills needed to be an effective supervisor. This manual will also be a reference to help the supervisor evaluate their skills and give them the information needed to increase their skills as well as develop new skills.

Telemarketing Supervisor training usually consists of how to give evaluations and explaining company goals. Supervisors are not usually given an overview of the proactive humanistic skills needed; communication, interpersonal leadership, etc. The humanistic, motivating skills are the skills most needed to be an effective supervisor.

If a telemarketing supervisor is expected to carry out the goals and objectives of the company, he or she needs the people skills to do so. Technical knowledge alone won't help the employee deal with people.

The purpose of this study is to show that interpersonal leadership, communication, problem solving, motivating, listening and knowing how to learn are necessary for a telemarketing supervisor to be effective in today's work environment.

The reference manual will not be a teaching manual . This manual will be divided into sections that focus on each of the needed skills. Roleplaying won't teach a person the humanistic skills but it helps the person learn the steps to develop those skills.

As the telemarketing supervisor's skill increases, the more effective they become.

Research provided considerable evidence that these skills are needed.

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