Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Art History and Visual Culture



First Advisor

Dr. Matthew Bailey

Second Advisor

Dr. Meredith Marsh

Third Advisor

Dr. Frederick Walz


The purpose of this project is to propose and create a course surveying American art history that currently is not offered at the Los Angeles Community College (LACCD). The creation of this course is important because it will fill a void within the curriculum in art history at LACCD. Most importantly, however, the course will offer students interested in American art an opportunity to take this course at the community college, which will prepare them for upper-division coursework before transferring, allowing them to focus on upper-division courses in the field. The Thesis Project addresses the state-of-field in the teaching of American art history in the Literature Review section. Additionally, the Literature Review discusses ways to create art history courses that are viable, engaging, and inclusive at the community college. This Thesis Project also includes a course proposal, a course outline, and a syllabus.


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