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Master of Art

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Pamela Nickels

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Joan Schmeckebier

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Ann Winkelmann


The purpose of this study was to examine responses on the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) between depressed women with a self-reported history of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and depressed women who did not report such a history. The question to be studied was whether the responses on the BDI would generally be the same regardless of the client's abuse history. Forty women seeking treatment for depression at a Midwestern counseling center served as subjects for this study. They completed a self-report questionnaire, which included an item on abuse history, and the BDI. The group reporting a history of CSA had a higher total mean score on the BDI. Results of a chi-square analysis on each of the 21 items on the BDI showed that a relationship exists between abuse history and two of the symptoms measured on the BDI: Body Image Distortion and Sense of Failure.