Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts in Theatre: Acting



First Advisor

Bryan C. Reeder

Second Advisor

Marsha Hollander Parker

Third Advisor

Ann Canale


The purpose of my thesis is to find ways of making Restoration characterization more natural, believable, and more realistic to a contemporary audience. In my attempt, I will study the works of David Garrick, and attempt to replicate an evening at the Drury Lane Theatre in the 18th century, by directing Miss in Her Teens, one of Garrick's comedies.

The first chapter of my thesis will explore David Garrick's natural style of acting which was revolutionizing theatre after the Restoration. He believed actors should be more natural and believable in their roles, portraying actual people in circumstances and not paper cut-outs. This chapter will also set the stage for the rise of the middle class in the London Theatres.

The second chapter will follow Garrick's playwrighting styles. I will explore the differences between the character types of the different genres Garrick wrote in, with particular emphasis on his social satires, such as Miss in Her Teens. The natural style of the characters' speech will be exhibited and shown to be more realistic than the writings of previous playwrights.

The third chapter of my thesis will contain the script for Miss in Her Teens, the blocking, and character analysis.

The fourth chapter will be a rehearsal journal documenting our progress in imitating Garrick's style as well as daily events and ideas which would be pertinent to the construction of the play.

The final chapter will be self-analysis. This will explain what I have learned as an actor, and how I've developed because of the process.