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Master of Art

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Arlene Taich

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Paul J. Biedenharn


The project consisted of planning and organizing a seminar for dissemination of information to persons working with the aged. From my ten years of experience in the health care profession, six of them were working with the aged population . I was surprised at my lack of knowledge about the older person. After attending the course as Lindenwood College my knowledge expanded from the biological to the social and psychological aspect of aging.

I decided to organize a seminar for local health personnel working with the aged in a thirty-mile radius of my residence. There were a total of six speakers including myself speaking about the biological, sociological and psychological aspect of aging in long term care facilities.

Although I sent information to local hospitals, there was not one person at the seminar from an acute care facility. Considering that the aged have more frequent and longer hospital stays than the younger population, I thought the hospitals would have sent at least one person . The long term facilities in the area usually send one or two persons.

I felt after the seminar ended that it was well received and informative. The evaluation forms returned were all rated high , with only a few below average grading. Some of the attendees , a week after the seminar, informally stated how they appreciated and enjoyed the seminar. I am considering organizing another seminar on aging since there are still a large number of persons needing information about aging .

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