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Master of Art

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Arlene Taich

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Paul J. Biedenharn

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Sandra Christie


Three objectives were focused upon regarding the development of a home health agency. The first objective involved was to define what a home health agency is. Several definitions exist, however, for practical purposes, the definitions set forth in the state and federal regulations of home health agencies have been used. Many people are not aware of the fact that health care in the home is an integrated program of health and social services . Following a review of pertinent literature, these health and social services have been explained in more detail.

The second objective concerns itself with the relevance of home care to the elderly. Factors pertaining to the psychological benefits as well as the economic benefits have been explored. The fact that home care can maximize the potential of individuals to function and enjoy life in their own hares has been documented. While institutionalization remains necessary for some, hare health care has been shown to offer an acceptable alternative to many.

The actual development of a hare health agency was the third objective. Steps that were taken to progress the idea of opening a hare health agency into an actual reality have been discussed. The steps and decision making processes involved in developing a home health agency that would be certified by the State and eligible to participate in the Medicare program were numerous. The state and federal regulations have been included as Appendices in this paper in order to show the rigid guidelines by which a certified hare health agency must abide.