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Master of Art

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Marilyn Patterson

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Jesse B. Harris Jr.

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Judith A. Tindell


The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a significant difference at the alpha level .05 in the means of the Anger-ln. Anger-Out, and Anger Control scales scores of the State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory reported by extraverted and introverted participants. Thirty-nine undergraduate students enrolled in a community living course from a small, private, midwestern college served as participants in the present study. There were 16 males and 23 females who volunteered to participate in the present stud_ (mean age- 18.21 ). Participants completed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory. Three independent t-tests on unmatched samples were pcrfom1cd on the mean Anger-In, Anger-Out, and Anger Control percentage scores of the extraverted and introverted participants. The results indicated that there was no difference between the means of the two groups concerning Anger-In and Anger Control (t=-.3 1, t=.46, respectively). However, there was a difference in the means of the two groups concerning Anger-Out (t=3.20).