Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Art and Design Emphasis Graphic Design


Game Design

First Advisor

Justin Kussman

Second Advisor

Peter Cotroneo

Third Advisor

Krista Frohling


The final website deliverable functions not only as a means of presentation, but as a jumping off point for digital designers to build off of, using the carefully curated resources and informational findings that are included in, and crafted specifically for, this project. By focusing on three main aspects of how to answer the research question 1) creating awareness, 2) making a case for caring, and 3) effective messaging methods, a framework has been created that the audience can expand upon without being overwhelmed by a question with many potential routes to travel down. A digital designer can promote sustainable efforts and ideas in many ways, but the website deliverable provides project examples and serves as a tool to outline how they can do so by using design to create awareness, contribute to an audience's inclination to care, and effectively convey crucial messages. The content should ignite a creative spark for digital designers who care about the natural world, and encourage a deeper appreciation for an urgent goal for those who are not as familiar with its importance.


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