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Master of Science: Health Care Management

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Betty LeMasters

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Mary Gismegian

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Jan Kniffen


This thesis will focus on the development of a nutrition curriculum to be used as a continuing education program at the community college level for children from the ages of five to eleven years.

Research indicates that American children are becoming physically unfit and overweight at an alarming rate . Because this condition seems to be the rule rather than the exception, it becomes important to the future health of our children that they be educated in proper selection of foods and eating habits.

Research also indicates that the health curriculums of local public school districts touch on the nutritional aspects of health in a very limited manner with little or no hands-on experiences for the children.

The purpose of this curriculum development is to provide an inexpensive, fun and educational alternative for parents who have concerns about the nutritional status of their children. The curriculum is planned to provide the children with the knowledge needed to make good, healthy decisions about what they select to eat in an environment that does not appear to be a school classroom setting.

Two school district curriculums, one from St . Louis County and one from St. Charles County, were researched. Additional research was done through personal conversations with elementary classroom teachers to obtain information regarding areas of nutritional education that are lacking. One major preschool chain was contacted to ascertain if nutrition education was a part of activities planned for the children.

Results of this research produced considerable evidence to suggest that a hands-on curriculum to be taught at the community college level for children ages five to eleven would be well received by parents and add a new approach to community health education.

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