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Master of Arts

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Marilyn Patterson

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Pamela Nickels

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Lawrence Sideman


Identification of risk factors that place one sexual offender at a greater risk for recidivism than another has value to those in the criminal justice field as weU as therapists who might work with these offenders. To date, the majority of risk factors have been based on historical information. As a sexual offender progresses through treatment. or regresses, changeable or dynamic risk factors need to be identified. In this study sexual offenders on probation with Maricopa County were compared to sexual recidivists who committed another sexual crime while on the same type of supervision. Information was obtained from case files and through probation officers who supervise sexual offenders. Sexual recidivists were more often discharged from treatment, had a higher instance of alcohol and drug abuse, had less stable employment, and tended to live with minors present in their residence.