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Master of Valuation Science

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Susan B. Dunton

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Michael Wilcox

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Patricia C. Soucy


The purpose of this study is to describe the factors which affect numismatic appraisals, particularly from a valuation perspective. One of the most important considerations is the role culture played in helping determine value. Much of our knowledge of the ancient world (China, Babylon, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Rome, Persia, India and other civilizations) is derived from the surviving coinage. The coins from these bygone eras reveal the cultural, religious and moral values which played an incredible role in shaping our modern high technological society. Some of these ancient values are reflected in present day coinage.

This study will carefully examine the different designs on American silver coinage and how these designs affect valuation. An exhaustive analysis is performed on comparing original mintages between the various series in question as well as comparing original mintages with known surviving quantities.

The results of this study will lead to the conclusion that designs which emphasized the American ideals of Liberty, Justice and Peace have far greater value than the coins which currently employ the ancient Roman concept of the graven image.

This study concludes with recommendations for future research.

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