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Master of Arts in Valuation Science

First Advisor

Susan Dunton

Second Advisor

Forsyth M. Alexander

Third Advisor

Patricia C. Soucy


This thesis examines the appraiser's considerations as a consultant in exploring options for the conservation and restoration of a Valley of Virginia walnut chest of drawers. circa 1800-1810. The physical characteristics of the chest of drawers and its "backcountry" styling are explored , and the chest's approximate age and place of origin are determined. Emphasis is placed on combining the personal property valuator's broad understanding of connoisseurship with a knowledge of the physical characteristics present in a specific object.

Development of a monetary value for the chest of drawers under consideration is not a primary function of this project and is not undertaken. Conclusions and recommendations for conservation and restoration of the chest of drawers are offered, with a special emphasis on the effect of conservation and restoration in light of the conservators' guiding principle of the "least intrusive method."

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