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Master of Science

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Susan A. Myers

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William G. Myers

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Cristle Coleman


The focus of this project is an overview of services that are available to Alzheimer's Disease clients. Since our society has seen an increase in the number of patients diagnosed with the disease, it's necessary to plan into the future and direct our goals in providing good health care.

One wants to be capable of handling every aspect of the disease we see today. One must also protect the client and health care professionals. The client must be allowed to live a productive and happy life. Unfortunately, because of the disease process, I feel it robs the client of the happiness they are entitled to. There will be insight as to how a family may cope with an Alzheimer's diseased loved one -- how the disease will effect the family members -- how the husband, wife, or children may cope with the unpredictability of an Alzheimer's patient -- the changes that the patients/ clients will experience.

In the field of health care I have found varying correlation in the study of Alzheimer's Disease. What I have set out to accomplish is some understanding of the interaction of the studies. However, I find it necessary to concentrate on the services available to the Alzheimer's patient. I have found that the number of Alzheimer's patients in nursing facilities are increasing. Also, yearly, large numbers of patients are diagnosed with signs or symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. It's believed that the disease ·has relationship to previously termed Dementia. Dementia is not a disease in itself, but a group of symptoms that have characteristics of certain diseases and conditions.