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Master of Art



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Rebecca Glenn

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Richard Rickert

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Conrad Sommer


The following narrative is a personal account of the experiences, observations, and awarenesses of two students completing their Masters degrees in counseling psychology. It represents an effort to document what we view as an identifiable and stress-producing process of growth occurring within an academic framework. We feel that this duality of personal growth and professional development is inadequately addressed in graduate programs. Yet, we have found this unstated, underlying, and inevitable threat of uncertainty, risk, and change to be as predictable a reality as the theoretical coursework required.

This paper is written not so much to prove a point as to provoke thought: as a resource for fellow students and prospective ones; as a guideline for academic planning and advisory committees; and as a therapeutic gift to ourselves. By reliving and putting into perspective what have amounted to some of the most exhilarating and exhausting times of our lives, we have succeeded with the latter intention. We hope that the first two goals will prove beneficial also.