Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts: Fashion Design and Technology


Fashion Design

First Advisor

Chajuana Trawick

Second Advisor

Amanda Casarez

Third Advisor

Shevare' Perry


When looking at the history of the fashion industry up to the present day, technology can easily distinguish the progress of fashion throughout the ages. The direction of this research is to gain insight and a deeper realization of how technology is taking over and transforming those in and revolving around fashion by slowly taking over and replacing human involvement or presence. Statistics and research show due to the adverse effects of COVID-19, technological development within fashion has seen a significant increase. COVID-19 was either the final push towards making technological ideas a reality or was the birth of new technological concepts in an attempt to reshape the fashion industry. Both those within the fashion industry and the fashion consumer must gain understanding of these technologies, lest they be left behind. This research specifically focuses on those working within the fashion industry and does not have as heavy of an emphasis on those outside of the industry. To gain an extensive knowledge on how we have gotten to where we are, this research will address fashion technologies from all angles, past, present, and future to see how it has come to have the potential to replace humans within the fashion industry.