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Master of Health Care Administration

First Advisor

Betty LeMasters

Second Advisor

Pat Akers

Third Advisor

Gino DiLorio


This thesis will focus on the study of career ladders for radiologic technologists and the impact ladders may have upon an employee's advancement and achievement in the workplace. The intent of the project is to develop and implement a career ladder program for radiologic technologists who function solely in the outpatient setting.

Advancement programs are becoming increasingly important to job satisfaction in today's marketplace and management wishes provide a viable working environment in which the technologist will feel challenged and recognized for excellence in clinical practice.

A handbook was created which details the various levels of technologist classifications and areas for advancement. The handbook was evaluated by two disparate evaluators. The evaluations were solicited via a survey tool consisting of 15 questions regarding career ladders. A personal follow-up interview was also conducted with each evaluator. The first evaluator was a radiologic technologist who has worked her way up the rungs of the career ladders at other institutions and the second evaluator was a radiologist who had no prior experience or knowledge of career ladders.

Results of the survey further served to encourage the author to pursue implementation of the program.