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Master of Arts in Education



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William Emrick

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Larry Matthews

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Rick Boyle


The author conducted this longitudinal study to gain an objective view of the instructional practices on student achievement. The author, an elementary principal, facilitated a change in philosophy and practice, especially in the area of mathematics.

This study confirmed that there is a statistically significant impact on student achievement when a standards-based instructional program is implemented. The data in the study also indicated that a significant number of students improved their achievement score based on CTB-McGraw Hill Terra Nova Assessments.

This study also indicated a significant demographic factor that will need to be further researched. Fifty percent of the students will change between first grade and sixth grade due to an extremely transient population. This school has a twenty-seven percent Free and Reduced lunch population. Are the two factors related? That will be for another study. However, it is noteworthy that student scores from the sample group indicated a two grade level increase in one year. Does standards-based instruction have an impact on student achievement in mathematics?

Finally, the study explored other areas of the instructional process and makes specific recommendations for the school and school district to apply the results of the study. The goal for every level of the educational institution is to improve student achievement. It is the author's hope that the information presented in this study will further that goal.

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