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Master of Art

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Pamela Nickels

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Fred S. Idenbaum

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Marilyn Patterson


This study examined the effectiveness of aromatherapy in promoting a positive affect, or emotion, by reducing situational or state anger in an academic setting. Seventeen graduate level counseling students in a Research Methods and Statistics class participated in the study one time per week over a period of four weeks. Subjects completed the state anger portion of the State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXJ) during each of the four weeks. During two of the weeks, participants were exposed to the scent of rose oil; during the other two weeks no aroma was introduced into the classroom. While a decrease in the levels of state anger was observed during the two weeks with aroma, the decrease proved to be insignificant. The findings in this study suggest aromas may impact affect; however, further research is needed to confirm this hypothesis.