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Master of Science -Administration



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Daniel W. Kemper

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Gary Gardiner

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Michael Kramer


This thesis will focus on the 'human side' of mergers and acquisitions. It will show the impact on employees and ways in which management can ease these employees through the transition.

Research has shown that there are many more failures than successes, when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Even with all the failures that exist, mergers and acquisitions are more prevalent than they have been in the past. Everyday the newspapers, news casts and radio stations mention a merger that is in the works.

If mergers and acquisitions are going to continue, and research shows that they will, then what can management do to give the merger a chance for success? The purpose of this study is to give top management a starting point with regards to the 'human side' of the transition when their corporation begins the merger and acquisition process.

Using the data compiled for this thesis, a manual was devised for management's use during the merger and acquisition process. This manual was sent to three readers, including the CEO for a major corporation who has been involved in several mergers. All the readers evaluated the manual, using a questionnaire on various aspects of the 'human side' to mergers and acquisitions. In all cases the readers felt that the manual would be a good starting point for management to use in a merger situation. They also agreed that this manual should be used in conjunction with other readings on the subject of mergers and acquisitions.

The results of the evaluation shows that the manual met its purpose in helping management with regards to the 'human side' of a merger and acquisition.

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