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Master of Arts

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Michael Castro

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Peter Carlos


This thesis will focus implementing the principles and protocols of opening a wedding videography business.

Wedding videos have become big business and are an extension of wedding photography. Photographs capture isolated moments of the wedding day, where video can tie these moments together. I truly feel the wedding video is a keepsake many will cherish in the years to come.

This paper will first identify the processes of setting up a home based wedding videography business. Preparation is crucial to ensure the wedding day is taped according to the bride's wishes. The videographer has an obligation to the bride. He needs to be aware of her needs and wishes for the video and plan accordingly. This process will include legalities, equipment needs, pricing, standard operating procedures, etc.

Secondly, once the setup process is completed it is time to implement advertising tactics, gain expe1ience, improve business and customer service procedures.

Once the setup process is complete, it is important to take a step back to examine and evaluate previous work experiences. Experience is key before diving into the business of wedding videography. No two weddings are alike, and each wedding requires different set-ups, shot sheets, lighting, etc. Before accepting pay for a video I suggest taping several weddings to insure there is an understanding of the different problems that can arise. At this point, the paper will examine three different wedding shots and analyze their individual requirements, setups, arising problems and solutions.

Finally, there will be discussions about the pros & cons of business ownership in both the general sense, and tailored to the wedding videography industry. Results have concluded that along with the skill required to complete the task, the owner must possess creativity, have organizational skills and be self- disciplined to make this business a success.

Lastly, the paper will conclude with an overview of implementing principles and protocols of starting a wedding videography business, and include brief discussions of its drawbacks and further tips for success.