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Master of Music Education



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Dr. Kate Herrell


This project focuses on the best assessment methods for standards-based grading in the sixth grade choral classroom. In the middle school choral world, resources are limited in the area of standards-based grading in the sixth grade choral classroom. This project was created to study and focus on how the new national standards connect with assessments methods utilized by choral music educators for sixth grade and then to connect these methods to standards-based grading. The aim of the project was to create the best assessment methods to be utilized with the new national music standards in the sixth grade choral music classroom with standards-based grading semester assessment plans. It is hoped that this project will be significant in helping choral music educators, specifically sixth grade, have access to research-based best assessments and understand how to connect them to standards-based grading. This project was designed by gathering the current research on standards-based grading, choral music assessment tools, best grading practices for the choral music classroom, and assessments connected to the new national standards. The project design was to take the research, layout the new nationals standards, and find, or create, the best tools for assessing these standards. Next, this project created a semester assessment map to put the assessments in a sequential order for a school year that would be user friendly for a middle school choral music educator. In this project, the major conclusion is that the best assessment and grading methods for the sixth grade choral music classroom are connected to standards-based grading.

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