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Master of Art

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Marilyn Patterson

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Donna Noonan

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Jessie B. Harris Jr.


The present study was designed t o determine if scores of seven or more on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) Lie-scale (L) resulted in a law enforcement applicant not being hi red as a police officer . The subjects in this study were 66 applicants to police departments in the St . Louis, MO area . All of the subjects completed the MMPI as part of a preemployment psychological evaluation . The efficacy of utilizing the MMPI in law enforcement screening procedures is discussed. The legal responsibilities of police departments in relation to preemployment psychological assessment are also analyzed. Two independent variables, employment status and Lie scale score, were measured and a 2 x 2 chi-square analysis was completed . The results were not significant and indicated that whether an individual is hired as a law enforcement officer is independent of their Lie scale score . Recommendations for future research are discussed .