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This thesis will focus on the study of restructuring or redesigning the current healthcare delivery system. with a primary emphasis on the concept of patient-focused care. Patient-focused care is defined as the redesign of patient care so that hospital resources and personnel are organized around patients. rather than around various specialized departments.

An overview of the healthcare delivery system prior to 1980 pointed out that healthcare expenses were increasing at far too rapid a rate. The number of Americans without healthcare benefits was climbing and medical record management was out of control. Hospital information systems were obsolete and professional territorialism resulted in skyrocketing expenses. Additionally, the government began to over regulate providers. consumers of healthcare were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the services provided . insurance companies were putting pressure on providers and the necessity for more advanced technology became evident.

Once organizations came to the realization that the need to change was necessary to remain financially viable. the process of change began to occur. The areas of change affected providers at all levels of management. employees, physicians. as well as third party payors and the recipients of healthcare.

The purpose of this study is to point out that in order for patient-focused care to be successful. institutions need to update or upgrade their existing information systems. Several case studies were reviewed to support the fact that information systems are critical to the success of implementing the patient-focused concept of delivering care.

Additional information to support the benefits of patient-focused care is provided through the evaluation of consumer satisfaction tools as wells as tables and graphs to support financial savings.

Results of the study of the research, as well as the analysis of the data provided. created enough evidence to suggest that the hypothesis be accepted to conclude that information systems must be upgraded and/or updated in order to be able to support the rapid changes necessary for the delivery of healthcare.