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Master of Arts in Graphic Design


Graphic Design

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Andrew Allen Smith

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Dennis Schmickle

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Jeremiah Ratican


The Metaverse concept is inspired by the vision of a digital utopia where you can be and do anything and everything you want. The Metaverse is thought to provide access to all kinds of entertainment and projects through virtual spaces as a world completely free from human limitations. The Metaverse platform satisfies individuals who seek to escape reality through forms of addictive and appealing integrations solely available through virtual and digital media. Although primarily centered around social connectivity and entertainment through digital means, the Metaverse also offers an entirely new ecosystem for developers, ads, apps, and other new digital innovations.

This investigation seeks to answer why the metaverse has yet to gain prominent traction with the masses and to consider the initial advancements that should be implemented to improve the user experience and overall consumer interest. Furthermore, this research examines possible developed and practical concepts that could secure an in-demand market for the Metaverse. The findings and conclusions of this research hold significance, as they enable the recognition of areas requiring improvement and the introduction of alterations. This enhances the overall functionality, user experience, and appeal of the product and technology. When combined with targeted and purposeful strategies, these insights ultimately result in increased adoption rates, greater user satisfaction, and improved profitability.

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