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Master of Arts in Art and Design - Project Management



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Kristy Tucciarone

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Jason Lively

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Andrew Smith


The creative workspace is filled with all walks of life – from right to left brains, different personality types, mental health setbacks, and differences in neurodivergencies. While the differences amongst employees can be a huge asset, it can also create a struggle to have productive and inclusive workflows – specifically in relation to project life cycles. These types of differences can create a gap in regards to healthy communication, which can lead to lesser productivity in the long run due to a disconnect with employees battling mental health setbacks. There are many tools out there already that focus on productivity, but there are none with the refined concept of bridging the more communication related gaps, hence where Bridge: A Thoughtful Workflow came to be. Bridge is a web-based application concept that will focus on productivity, efficiency, and project management strategies for organizations such as advertising/creative/marketing agencies, non-profits, and small businesses, with inclusivity and healthier communication at the forefront. The application will serve as a project management tool in the workplace, but more people-focused than what is currently on the market. The goal of Bridge is to offer a program that is backed by psychology research, not just business research, and give the user the landings that they need to succeed.

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