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Master of Fine Arts



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Bryan C. Reeder

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Donnell Walsh

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Ann Canale


The design, execution, and written evaluation of the play Murderer by Anthony Shaffer will encompass a thesis project by Marie L. Collings. The production will be performed at SL Louis Community College, Florissant Valley, with approval from Donna Spaulding, Department Chair. The production will be scheduled into the regular theatrical season and will be mounted February 23, 24, 25, March 1 and 2 in the year 1996. The production will be in conjunction with Florissant Valley's theatre of the deaf and will be directed by Lisa Gale-Betzler, a deaf faculty member at Florissant Valley.

The play Murderer was chosen due to its many technical challenges. To name a few of the challenges: a women's body must be cut up in full view of the audience, teeth must be pulled from a persons mouth, a head must go into a wood-burning stove and come out charred, and in the end a death scene that confuses the audience into believing that the right person was killed. To add to these and other technical challenges the production will be performed as theatre of the deaf for three reasons: First, the script lends itself nicely to the necessary factors involved in producing a deaf production, including the first thirty minutes of the play being silent. Second, producing quality theatre of the deaf productions has become a long tradition at Florissant Valley. And finally, having participated in two previous productions, I wanted to explore this area of theatre further while continuing this wonderful experience.


Some foldouts included in this thesis were not included in the scanned version.

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