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'This paper will begin with an overview of the legal enactments which allowed the National Labor Relations Board {NLRB) jurisdiction in the health care sector.. It will discuss the development of the reimbursement system, technological advancements and their. effect on the health care industry.

Based on these issues have developments, several human relations issues have emerged resulting in union activity in the health care environment . A dichotomy arises when both management and labor strive for high quality patient care . Management is forced to operate with in cost constraints , leaving labor to battle for equitable wages and benefits in the third largest industry in the United States.

The major point will be the ramifications of this activity as it affects the workers it represents and management's operating cost.

The election activity of unions will be analyzed as it relates to profit or non-profit organizations following the impact of the 1974 amendments to the Taft-Hartley Act Also, new developments in marketing strategies will be examined as labor. focuses on community support while management focuses on employee relations.

Future legislative factors will be reviewed discussing their- impact on labor involvement in the health care industry, adding management and labor viewpoints on the health care crisis.

Finally, the author will provide opinion in the situation and offer suggestions for the future role of union and management in the industry.

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