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Pamela Nickels

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Anita Sankar

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Mary Utley


In this correlalional study of later adolescents who experience parental divorce, six co-parenting influences were assessed in an effort to identify predictors and factors that contribute to overall satisfaction with life. Subjects completed a survey comprised of demographic information which included an adaptation of a survey (Silitsky, 1996), a Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) (Diener, E. Simmons, R. Larsen, R. & Griffin, S., 1985), and a Perceived Social Support Family Scale (Pss-Fa) (Procidano, M & Heller, K., 1983). The adapted scale and the PSS-Fa measured perceptions by the later adolescent of their family of origin and their levels of()) parental conflict, (2) parental alcohol and drug use, (3) financial adequacy, (4) custody arrangements, (5) custodial/noncustodial parental affect, and (6) availability of social support. The scores of fifty-five male and females between the ages of 18-25 were analyzed using Correlational and Regression analyses. Results indicated higher than average Satisfaction With Life scores among the Subjects. The analyses showed significantly decreased Satisfaction With Life scores among later adolescents who perceived their custodial parent as sad and/or when they perceived the non-custodial parent as sad and a significantly increased satisfaction with life when desired time with the noncustodial parent was regular and predictable.

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