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Master of Science in Corporate and Industrial Communications



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Michael Castro

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Michael Kramer

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Eric Zitelli


This thesis will focus on the on the study of developing an institutional communication plan for supporting international students .

Communications demand comprehension and a wide diversity of communications skills . Cross-cultural communications involves understanding the impact of cultural factors, which could be verbal and nonverbal.

International exchange programs are growing fast . The number of international students has increased to almost 500,000 students disperse around the United States. When these students come to study and learn to another country they require the most accurate and honest service.

In the Chapter IV of this culminating project is provided a plan for any educational institution developing exchange programs. It also provides a group of strategies that can be used if the institution is already working with exchange programs and needs to institute change in some of its current procedures.

For an institution starting with foreign programs, this is the appropriate guide that includes discussions of the most significant points as well as the less notable issues that are all, nevertheless, very meaningful for the student when coming to a foreign country and a new school.

The reader might find practical the advice on developing an exchange student's guide and providing the most efficient and effective service . The goal is to develop procedures that avoid any kind of discontent by the student, or any significant decrease in the international students' enrollment . Furthermore , with a good program in place the institution can achieve a great number of satisfied students and get recognition over the competitors .

The last chapter includes complementary information to this plan from an outside evaluator. Also, included is a discussion of the limitations of the culminating project and a suggested topic for further investigations in this field.

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