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As an overview of a junior high play production which emphasizes the importance of drama in education this project describes the events during the eight weeks leading to the actual performance. The goal of the director was to use a play production to experimentally explore different ways to teach students to process information, solve problems , accomplish tasks, and to challenge students to think. The literature review presents a rationale for using drama in the school system . The methods chapter contains a Hodge Analysis of given circumstances, dialogue, dramatic action, ideas, tempo, moods, lighting plot, and ground plan. An analysis of the story, "The Ransom of Red Chief" by O. Henry, is included in the chapter. Chapter IV explains the procedure implemented to direct the performance. Specific approaches to reading, technical direction , and dress rehearsals are documented by the director. Teaching materials include: goals, general objectives, and specific objectives used in casting, rehearsal, and performance. Evaluations are discussed in Chapter V through teacher, student, and director surveys in the area of achievement and affective outcomes. A final discussion section discusses the strengths, weaknesses, and disadvantages of the overall method used in the production.

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