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Master of Science in Human Resource Management



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Edward Griffin Smith

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Susan Deege

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Joe Lonigro


This thesis will focus on the study of empowerment and motivation tactics that are used to increase the action and interest of employees to improve performance. Empowering and motivating others in the pursuit of organizational objectives is one of the most challenging roles of management in today's workforce. A look into past. present. and future methods will be traveled to provide a better understanding of which motivators are the most successful and what tactics are most useful in empowering employees from management's point of view, while at the same time fulfilling the physical and psychological requirements of the employer.

Empowerment and motivation tactics are causing theories to develop and provide an incentive that has resulted in the improvement of productivity from the employer. There is still a great deal of controversy over which empowerment and motivator tools are the most effective in providing improved output. while still providing physical. mental. and emotional protection for the employee.

The purpose of this research is:

  • To investigate the possibility of an understanding by management of empowerment and motivational uses for employees:
  • To investigate methods that have been used successfully by management in empowerment and motivation tactics:

  • To provide a seminar practice that will be useful in empowering and motivating employees to perform at a higher level of success.

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