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Mindy Treftz


The co-mingling effect of individuals and generations has a profound impact on organizational behavior. This study focuses on the behavior of individuals and generations in the organizational environment.

Organizations as social systems could not exist without people. This creates a complex problem, bow to deal with the diverse population that occupies the organizational environment. The interaction between an individual and a generational cohort group provides an exchange point for behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes. Research shows that each cohort grouping shapes behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes based on their exposure to events and social interactions. Behavioral Science describes bow these interactions provide individuals with choices that result in behaviors that are either Life enhancing or self-defeating. This study hopes to offer individuals and members of generational cohort groups material to assist in choosing life enhancing behaviors.

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the impacts of generational differences that influence the formation of behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes. Each generational cohort is formally profiled for the purpose of gaining insight to behavioral differences. People spend the majority of their time interacting in the organizational environment. Understanding and accounting for differences among individuals and generational cohort groupings becomes invaluable for those that co-mingle in the organizational environment.

This study contributes to understanding factors that impact the formation of behavioral differences. The adoption process for behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes is illustrated in a model showing bow choices result in life enhancing and self-defeating behaviors. The ability to understand one another based on behavioral processes and generational differences presents the opportunity to co-mingle effectively for the success of the organization- and its people.

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