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Master of Arts in Digital Web Design


Web Design

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Justin Kussman

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Erica Blum

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Kyle Coble


Visual communication is the cornerstone of graphic design. All graphic design projects communicate a visual message. As with all forms of communication, visual communication is a two-way street. For a message to be effective, a designer must understand how to reach their audience. Scholarly design programs focus primarily on visual cues, while marketing programs focus on in-depth audience analysis and consumer behavior. This creates a problem for designers as they complete their degree program and enter the job market, particularly if they intend to seek freelance work. This guide is innovative because it presents components of visual communication from perspectives of both marketing and design. Presenting both perspectives alongside one another demonstrates that all elements are equally important to visual communication. If a designer wishes to be successful, it is imperative to understand and embrace lessons from the marketing community. If a design fails to reach the intended audience, it is useless. Along with explaining the importance of each topic, this guide contains resources which designers can use to enhance their workflow and seek additional information.

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