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Susan Myers

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Jeff Harris

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Joe Ancona


The purpose of this study was to show the increasing rate of early retirement offered by corporations as a means of reducing the work force today. The study was also conducted to point out that more and more employees are opting for early retirement and taking the buyout.

A survey of 11 questions was administered to 22 participants from various age groups and employers for the study. The data analysis consisted of the measures of central tendencies: mean, median and mode, along with cross tabulations to test early retirement hypothesis.

The survey results were rather interesting. It was discovered that only eighteen percent of those surveyed would be willing to accept an early retirement package at this point and time in their life and career.

It is the writer's conclusion with respect to the numerical results of the survey that more employees today are not accepting early retirement programs and opting for the buyout. However, with some additional research it is the belief of the writer that the hypothesis that corporations are offering early retirement as a means to reduce the work force would be supported.

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