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This thesis will explore the concept of the employee as entrepreneur and how the importance of this concept may ensure employability among managers currently working within Corporate America.

In an era of constant change, corporate employees, particularly those that are mid- career and middle age, continue to find themselves caught off-guard when a downsizing , reorganization or spin-off occurs in their workplace. Although they realize these events can affect them any moment , many do not proactively take the responsibility for their own careers.

According to author Gareth S. Gardiner, in his book, 21st Century Manager, the employee as entrepreneur is an attitude. It is an attitude of constantly reassessing where an individual stands in terms of employment opportunities and putting resources together that will aid in career self-management.

Research in this area shows that effective career management uses basic marketing principles that entrepreneurs incorporate when they have a product to sell. When employees view themselves as the Product they actively apply these principles to aid in enhancing their employability.

When almost 50% of employees surveyed in an environment that had recently gone through a downsizing, most were very confident of their future with the same organization or a different one . However, when further questioned most had little or no promotional programs going on for their product . Promotion is only one of the key areas of a successful marketing campaign.

In 11 interviews with successful top level managers and those in positions that supervise other managers, most have all, or a portion of a basic marketing program that they use in their personal career management . Their expectation, as well as the companies they work for, is that it is the employee's business to direct their careers in the direction they desire.

Successful corporations want individuals who want to share their risks as well as the rewards . They want to improve their businesses by growing revenues and market share.

The result of this study is to produce The Entrepreneurially-minded Employee's Guide to Career Management to aid employees in their career management which in some cases will mean choosing other avenues rather than a corporate environment .

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