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Master of Arts



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Marsha Parker

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Jon Grant Hargate

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Hans Levi


The works of art in my graduate exhibition reflect historical and personal influences on my life. The show includes 40 oil paintings (predominately oil pastels) and five watercolors. The works presented are divided into several categories: Genre paintings, Impressionistic paintings, the Boston Series, Figure paintings , Series in White, Still Lifes, the Luminist group, and Watercolors.

The inspirations for the paintings are my personal life experiences and, in some cases, the pieces represent my heritage. Renditions are derived from many styles and artists . However, Luminists, Romanticists and Impressionists are the greatest influences. The show will hang in the Hendren Gallery of Harmon Hall from April 13-26, 1996.


Author included slides of artwork, which are not available here.

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