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To determine the effects of scheduling on instrumental music programs in the public school districts of Saint Louis County, Missouri, a questionnaire was distributed to fifty-two instrumental music teachers in twenty-eight districts . We proposed to find common concerns shared by instrumental music teachers with regard to the scheduling of their classes. Our respondents concurred on specific scheduling situations that cause either alteration or complete elimination of their programs. Elementary curriculum is crowded with numerous non-academic offerings which compete for student time. Missouri has recently mandated additional secondary requirements in math and science without raising fine arts credits. This has created a dangerous situation for the fine arts. With the majority of high schools having a six-period day, the rise in academic requirements has put stress on the student wishing to enroll in fine arts courses. Findings indicate a strong need for a seven-period high school day. our results demonstrate a need to educate those responsible for scheduling in the value of the fine arts for a complete and well-rounded education.

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