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Master of Art

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Raphael J. Becvar

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Susan A. Myers

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Patrick Openlander


This is a study of the internal and external experiences of women who have been breast surgery patients and have been forced to make adjustments in many areas of their lives. The study focused on the necessity of the breast cancer patient to face life in an altered state , which affects her physical , social, emotional and sexual well-being , as well as confronting her with the issues of death and dying.

The methodology employed in t his study was qualitative. Information was solicited through the use of informal personal interviews conducted by the researcher . A single one and one-half hour interview was conducted with each participant in the research project . The sample consisted of 10 women who have experienced breast cancer surgery, from a lumpectomy to radical mastectomy, who volunteered to participate in the project.

The purpose of this study was of a practical nature. It is hoped that the data and analysis may be helpful to women experiencing breast cancer , their partners and families, surgeons who perform breast surgery and counsel breast surgery patients, as well as educators, therapists and counselors who seek to improve the psychological, psychosocial and psychosexual recovery of breast surgery patients and their families .

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