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This collection of six short stories all center their plots on the actions and responses of a strong female character. I took this approach because I feel there are too few female characters in the world of fiction.

In the story ''Angie" a young girl befriends a strange man Living under the family's house. The story focuses on her mother's fear and ultimately her acceptance of this odd friend.

The story of "Chelsea'' centers on the decision that Chelsea, a common waitress, must make to change her situation. In the story she meets a trucker who is like many of the other truckers that have tried to pick her up from the small coffee house in which she works. But, at this point in her life, Chelsea thinks about making a decision that would change her life.

"Christine" focuses on the supernatural as a young couple buys their first home. In the story, the events surrounding the borne test the couple's relationship and their belief in the unknown. "Christine" ends with her knowledge and acceptance of a world that is unseen.

An everyday plane ride gets a supernatural twist in "Laura." Laura, who is traveling to her grandmother's funeral, befriends an old lady who sits next to her on the plane. The old lady teaches Laura about accepting death and about grief and hope.

In "Monica," the female lead must decide if she should change her life's path. Monica journeys with her city boyfriend to her family's orchard after the death of her grandfather. The experience of being back at the orchard pushes Monica into reexamining her life.

"Sherri" is based on the story of Rip Van Winkle. After a car accident and being stuck in a ravine by herself, she wakes to find the world around her changed. Much like Van Winkle, she is forced to face this new world, one in which she is old and gray.

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