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The purpose of this project was to study the effectiveness of audio-visual aids in the cla9sroom. To justify the use of audio-visual aids in the classrooms, an attempt was made to test the hypothesis that for audio-visual aids to be used effectively to teach details and comprehension of story and lesson content, they must be properly introduced with a study guide and followed by related activities and e valuation . Three heterogeneously grouped classes were regrouped for this project. Three units of literature, science and social studies were planned with three lessons for each unit. This allowed the teachers to rotate in teaching the different groups with the groups remaining the same. There was the control group that used the regular classroom method of reading and discussion. The modified experimental group that viewed the related film or video and the experimental group. The experimental group had the introduction with a study guide, viewed the film or video, followed by related activities. groups received the same tests.

Due to a 20% difference between the modified experimental group's composite achievement test scores and the other two groups, it was necessary to use the analysis of covariance method to tabulate the results of the nine tests. With .05 predetermined as the level of significance there was no significant difference in the tests results.

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